Waxperts award winning products combined with its own waxing techniques ensure that we give our clients a far superior, waxing experience. Putting the "treat" back into the waxing treatment. 

Cleanliness, Our Client's safety and comfort is always our top priority, and we can assure you that we NEVER DOUBLE DIP!!

The entire waxperts wax range, from cleansers to oils and to wax, is Lavender based. Using only premium lavender essential oil and extract. Lavender by its nature is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  It has also well known and researched soothing and healing properties, reducing the appearance of redness after waxing.

The waxperts technique of applying oil prior to wax application means that when the wax is removed it will only have attached to the hair to be removed and not to skin. 

We use both Waxperts Hot wax and strip wax depending on how course the hair is being removed.  Waxperts lavender based Hot wax has been utilized with a unique blend of polymers and resins so it will not crack or break like other hot waxes. It has a lower melting point of 62 degrees celsius so is perfect for sensitive skin, meaning less heat, less redness! 

Waxperts Lavender based strip wax is designed to be applied very thinly and glides off the skin during removal, causing very little discomfort and leaving no sticky residue afterwards.

Our aim is to bring you a waxing experience that is as painfree as possible but with the most thorough, & smoothest results!

The "Waxperts Way"

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