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Understanding your skin

One important thing to remember in regards to self-tanning is that everyone’s skin is different, and fake tan will react differently depending on your skin type. Fake tans only run the risk of looking unnatural if you have a tan with too much DHA in it for your skin type (read more below). Take a look at our easy guide to see which tan will best suit your skin:

Luxury manual tanning, why not relax and have your manual tan applied by us, longer lasting than a spray tan as the tan is massaged into the skin.  

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Science behind the glow

Ever wondered how fake tan works? Your skin is made up of two main layers: the epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outer layer, and it is here where self tanning takes place. The main additive in fake tan, DHA, contains sugar, which reacts with the amino acids on our skin and oxygen in the air. It is this reaction that turns our skin brown, though formulas need to be left on for 8 hours to develop fully.

Because the process only occurs on the top layer of skin, the tan then fades after 5-7 days in keeping with the normal skin shedding cycle

Here at Misbourne Beauty, we not only offer a beautiful natural looking spray tan to suit your personal skin type, rangeing from 6% the lightest all the way up to a 16% you can also upgrade to a Contouring Spray tan, by using a base colour and then a slightly darker colour to contour the body. Exactly like you can contour your face,with make up,  this effect can enhance the look of your body

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