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Physiological effects

  • ​increases the blood circulation, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to the body, cells & systems.
  • superficial and deeper layers of the skin are stimulated, increasing cellular function and regeneration of body cells.
  • aids the removal of dead skin cells
  • reduces the fibrous growth formulation such as skin tags and aids dispersion of milia
  • increases lymphatic flow, aiding the removal of waste products and toxins
  • relaxes tense and contracted muscles, improving the muscle tone
  • stimulates the nerve endings, relieving muscular pain and fatigue.
  • softens and breaks down localized fatty deposits
  • loosens scar tissue
  • improves venous and arterial circulation, relieving congestion.

Psychological Effects

Each massage performed is adapted to meet your individual psychological needs which are identified at your consultation.

 A stimulating massage application will invigorate, while a slow, deep massage will relax and help to relieve tension and stress.

Afterwards you will also feel energized as the body systems such as blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated and there will be an increased sense of well-being.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage as we know it today may be defined as "the manipulation of soft tissues of the body, performed by the hands, for the purpose of producing effects on the vascular, muscular and nervous systems of the body".

Massage has a very important relaxing and toning effect on the body.  Because the circulation is increased by drawing more blood to the area the arterial or venous and lymphatic flow is aided, thus speeding up the metabolism in the tissues.  This hastens the process of all nourishment and the carrying away of C02 and waste products from the cells.

When a fatty area is treated, although the fat will not actually be disposed of without a weight reducing diet, it is softened so that it is more readily absorbed into the blood stream.  The skin can be kept in perfect condition with regular massage, providing the diet is balanced.  The smooth, regular rhythm of the movements has a soothing effect on the nervous system, tapotement and deep vibration movements will stimulate the nervous system.

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