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The Benefits of Cold Stones

The use of cold stones will balance the body and bring about Homeostasis (getting the body, mind, spirit to work as it should) and has excellent benefits for the body.

The Benefits of Hot Stones

The stones work to harmonise, restore and rejuvenate the body to its deepest levels. Thermotherapy stone massage (including hot & cold) is an internally focused therapy used on the body.

The temperature of the stone is transferred to the body by conduction, the longer the application the deeper the penetration by the reflex of muscle fibers and joints. Heat may penetrate up to over 1.5 inches into superficial muscle layers.

When the hot stones are placed or pass over an area there is an internal rise in temperature.  For every 1 degree centigrade rise in internal temperature the metabolism is increased by 10-15 %, this affects the body by dramatically increasing the circulation, stimulating waste removal so aid the body to detoxify itself and has a huge impact on all the systems of the body.

Thermotherapy Stone Massage or better known as Hot Stone Massage

Massage on its own gives the human body huge benefits to its systems.  But the use of hot and cold stones enhances these considerably bringing about a wide range of benefits.

The stones come from nature and will promote a harmonising and cleansing effects, when used by the therapists hand with massage these effects are enhanced working in specific areas and then improving the overall flow of the bodies energy.

The treatment uses Basalt stones (lava from volcanic activity) for heat and sedimentary stones (from the sea, rivers or lakes) for cold work.

One stroke with a hot stone is equivalent to  5 strokes with the hands and one stroke with a cold stone is equivalent of 10 strokes with the hand.

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